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 An invitation to all men to join Author Mal White


 & Poet Cameron Semmens for breakfast. 

gooddads GREATDADS 



When: Sat. July 5th 2014 at 8.00 am 


In Good Dads Great Dads the Author Mal White offers you practical insight into the vital role you play in yourchild’s growth and development. The keys to building great relationships with your children found in this book will help you unlock your potential to be a great dad. Whether you have young children or older, your relationship with them deserves you to be your very best. This book will encourage you to be just that through the many stages in their lives.




Mal White author of Good dads Great Dads is a Seminar presenter and blogger on the subject of highly effective fatherhood. His blog readership spans more than 100 countries. He is married to Karen and together they have 3 adult children and a loveable labrador.


Poet Entertainer, Faith Illuminator and Poetry Educator

Cameron Semmens is a poet and performer,with 13 books and 4 CDs of his poetry published to date.

His book The ZOO in YOU won the CALEB Christian Book of The Year in 2012. He makes his living through words: running workshops, writing books and performing live. Cameron is an associated artist with World Vision. He lives in the Dandenongs with wife Sonya and 2 young kids.










A Greensborough Christian Book Centre &

All Saints Childrens Ministry Event

When: Saturday 24th May

8:30am - 1;15pm

Where: All Saints Aglican Church

14 Church Street, Greensborough 

Bookings are essential. please Book by 21st May at

Greensborough Christian Book Centre on 9435 5762




author dinner nights



                           An invitation

                                               to join Author

Simon Holt &

Poet Cameron Semmens

for dinner 


In this age of culinary infatuations, global food crises, celebrity chefs and ‘biggest losers’, the need to reflect more seriously upon eating is pressing. A trained chef, teacher, social researcher, minister of religion and homemaker, Holt draws on experience and research to explore the role of eating in our search for meaning and community.  To do so, he invites us to sit at the tables of daily life – from kitchen tables to backyard barbecues, from cafe tables to the beautifully set tables of our city’s finest restaurants – and consider how our life at these tables interacts with our deepest values and commitments.




Simon Carey Holt is the senior minister of Melbourne’s

Collins Street Baptist Church. Simon taught spirituality and

pastoral theology for 15 years inLos Angeles, Sydney and Melbourne

before taking up his current role.Prior to his ordination, Simon

qualified and worked as a chef. His continuing passions

for food, Theology and the city inspire his writing.









When: Thur. March 6th at 6.45 pm








Ann Fogarty for dinner

(as seen on Compass)

author of 



flamesAnn Fogarty’s story is one of courage, love and, ultimately,extraordinary resilience. She dedicates the book to her two daughters, Sarah and Rachel, describing them as ‘my two wonderful reasons for fighting so hard.’

And fight is what Ann has had to do, every day, for the last thirty years, since her life was forever changed in the Ash Wednesday fires of February 1983.

Forged with Flames will leave you astounded and amazed at what a human being can endure and withstand.

When: Thursday October 10th 




Lyn & David Blake authors of 

Heartbreakingly Beautiful 


 Bethany was a remarkable teenager who had a reputation for loving God and people 'to the max'

In 2010, when struck down with brain cancer, just weeks before her 15th birthday, Bethany took hold of that love, faith and hope like never before and a heartbreaking, yet beautiful story began to unfold.

All that she learned through her extreme year-long trial, before her passing in 2011, is shared by her mother as she reflects back on Bethany's journals.

These inspirationally illustrated and crafted weekly devotionals will deepen your faith and strengthen you through your own days of trial. These are contributions from Dr Mattew Jacoby, Sons of Korah (including a CD) and Barry Borneman, CEO of Wycliffe Australia.

When: Friday August 30th at 6.45 pm   2013