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DVD’s Only $5 (lots more titles)

DVD’s Only $5 (lots more titles)

Greensborough Christian Book Centre

Books and Coffee

Hello again,   It is time for a decent sale.

Second-hand Books

         ½ PriceSale!

& Stocktake Sale

                       From 2nd June – June 24th

Lots of books at great prices

    DVD’s at just $5 each

         CD’s ……. Cheap


  Big selection of Theological books 50% off.

See below for a taster


$98                                       $75                                   $40



$40                                      $76                                     $63







                                                          Featured Book  


(NEW) Our Mob, God’s Story HC

                       Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Artists share their faith  

                                                                          $49.99      $47.99

In many ways it seems pointless to try to describe this book.

Please come in and at least just enjoy it.

Filled with beautiful works of art and their stories, including dot painting alongside many other styles, it speaks of the faith of these indigenous people of Australia.

The first print run sold out very quickly, at last this luxurious

coffee table book is back in stock.







Wonder     by United Hillsong                                   Featured CD



“Have we lost the Wonder?—the hope, the imagination to dream, to believe,

the tenderness to listen and lead first with mercy, the grace to empathise, the

courage to trust, the fearlessness to love without pretence or condition.

To see beyond the facts without dismissing them. To respond beyond the fear

without reciprocating it.   To sing beyond the noise, without adding to it.

This is the challenge, and this is what worship—if worship can be summed

up as an expression of art and music and story—is ultimately designed to do.

To elevate the conversation, re-awaken the soul to something other, and lift

our eyes to the wonder of a superlative TRUTH."           Joel Houston



                                                                                 Featured DVD

Heart and Soul – When Calls the Heart #9

                                                                                                               DVD $24.99


         Based on Janette Oke’s Canadian West, a best selling series from an extremely popular and best selling author, Heart and Soul (#9 in the DVD series) continues the story of Elizabeth, a young teacher who forgoes the life of the big city and finds a home in the small mining town of Coal Valley, and also of Jack, a Mountie.

“Wholesome family entertainment with a lot of romance, and interesting characters.” – the Dove Foundation





The Faith of Christopher Hitchins theRestless Soul of the World’s Most Notorious Atheist                Larry Alex Taunton                     PB $26.99


The sub-title “the restless soul of the world’s most notorious atheis” describes well how many Christians would think of Hitchins.

Larry Taunton himself is a fascinating character who has engaged in debates and discussions with a variety of outspoken opponents of Christianity. Over the years he had many opportunities to talk with Christopher, with whom he got on very well, including a memorable multi-day cross- country road trip.

One reviewer (Michael Shermer, publisher & columnist) says “This book should be read by every atheist and theist passionate about the truth, and by anyone who really wants to understand Hitch, one of the greatest minds and literary geniuses of our time.”  




Earth Psalms, reflections on how God speaks through nature.

                                                 by Francine Rivers                        HC $29.99    

                 For anybody who believes that our Creator can be seen in his creation this is a beautiful book.

The photography and presentation is a testimony to the visually rich inheritance we have from our Creator and, of course Francine (author of a range of bestselling novels including Mark of the Lion series and Lineage of Grace) is thought provoking and insightful in her 52 devotions.   With personal stories, scripture, challenges and quotes from a variety of sources, each devotion finishes with a reflection and application and a ‘connect with God’ prayer.






Oscar Romero, Love Must Win Out      by Kevin ClarkePB  PB $22.99

             Some of our readers will remember the shocking assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero, in a hospital chapel in San Salvador. (I find it hard to believe it was way back in March 1980.)

“Kevin Clarke’s beautifully written and solidly researched biography of Archbishop Romero is an inspiring introduction to the life of a man who gave everything – including his life- for the poor, for the church and for God.” James Martin SJ

This book, one of a series of inspirational biographies, People of God, traces events leading up to that fateful day – when a man was shot and killed because he truly took into his heart and life Jesus’ care and concern for the poor.






J.C. Ryle, Prepared to Stand Alone

                               by Iain Murray                       PB $19.99    

J.I. Packer says “(Ryle was) A single-minded Christian communicator of profound biblical, theological and pastoral wisdom, a man and minister of giant personal stature and electric force (‘unction’ was the old name for it)”

J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) was a successful youth at Eton and Oxford who didn’t pray or read the Bible until at the age of 21 he became a Christian ‘bold as a lion for the truth of God’s Word and His Gospel’.

He was a much loved evangelical author during his life and then suddenly, was

rediscovered 50 years after his death. Iain Murray has used the wealth of material available to put together this compelling biography on this single-minded evangelical Christian communicator.



This book is all pearls!

Edited by Richard Foster (author of Celebration of Discipline – one of my all time favourite books) and James Smith, it contains the wisdom of riches handed down through the ages in carefully selected excerpts. Part study (with questions and exercises) and part devotional, it features writings from Augustine of Hippo, Blaise Pascal, Francis of Assisi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Julian of Norwich, Martin Luther and ……the list goes on. Delicious morsels from giants in faith, sorted into 52 sections covering all six traditions or ‘streams’ that comprise a healthy holistic life of faith:- Prayer-filled life, Virtuous life, Spirit-Empowered life, Compassionate life, Word-Centered life and the Sacramental life.

It could be used as a year long devotional or a challenging study, with a difference, for a group (or individual).

Devotional Classicsedited by R Foster and J Smith   PB $27.99

Got given this book for Christmas and …I AM LOVING THIS BOOK!!!!!! Christine




Hinds Feet on High Places Devotional  

                       by Hannah Hurnard and Darien Cooper          PB $29.99

Here is a chance to experience this amazing classic, a beautiful allegorical tale about developing a better relationship with the Good Shepherd.

‘Darien Cooper has meticulously woven this…. with daily quiet time meditations that are sure to refresh your spirit……..   encourage you to rise above fear …….embrace unconditional love …..and regain confidence in your walk with the Lord.’




Believe Storybook, Think, Act, Be like Jesus.

                                                 by Randy Frazee                         HC $26.99    

The most exciting Children’s Bible storybook to come out in the last couple of years -according to me!

Picture a large format, beautifully illustrated book aimed at children 6 plus years old.

Now divide it into 30 chapters, each on a different aspect of a disciples’ life, Christian teaching eg Bible Study, Humility, Hope, Peace, Self-Control, Personal God.

For each of these chapters there is an introductory blurb asking a ‘key question’ (for ‘Personal God’ it is Does God care about me?) encouraging Children to find an answer, this is followed each time by an Old Testament story, then some background to the story,‘Jump to Jesus’, then a New Testament story again on the same message followed by a summing up, ‘Jesus answer’, and a memory verse.

A stunning resource.                                                                Christine




The Illustrated Words of Jesus for Women PB $22.99    

        366 days of calming coloring and meaningful meditation on the Words of Jesus

Yes, another colouring book.

BUT I have to say, colouring as a meditation, learning scripture by heart, spending time with God – what a great resource!

On top of that it is beautiful, a handy size, focuses on application and is a whole year’s worth of devotions.

                   .                                                                               Christine